Types of Wine Glasses

Types of Wine Glasses

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Types of Wine Glasses 

Whether you are a self proclaimed wine connoisseur or novice, you undoubtedly already know there are several options of wine glasses on the market each claiming to be the best choice for a specific breed of wine.  It is up to you to decide if that is really necessary and if it affects you wine tasting ability.  For most of us, drinking wine is a social indulgence and therefore we are not quite as focused on the tasting aspect but more so the socializing.  With that said, here are some different types of wine glasses for you to consider when entertaining or making a new purchase… 


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White Wine Glass:  This glass is the most common of all the glasses and is frequently used as a multi purpose glass for entertaining.  Lets face it, this is a great option for those of us who do not want to have multiple sets of glasses to store especially if we are not connoisseurs.  A white wine glass is built with a  narrower and taller bowl and a long stem.  This is great for holding as it keeps the wine cooler longer because your hand is not touching the bowl and warming the wine.

Red Wine Glasses:  This glass is great in it’s design for the enjoyment of red wines.  It has a rounder bowl with a wider opening which is purposeful in allowing the red wine to breathe and enhance the flavor and aroma.  It too has a long stem making it elegant and easy to hold.

Stemless Wine Glasses:  No to overstate the obvious but this is a wine glass minus the stem.  The benefit is that they are easiest to hold and won’t tip over quite as easily.  A downside here is that a chilled wine will warm up quicker because your hand is in direct contact with the bowl.

Champagne Flutes:  This glass was specifically designed for drinking sparkling wine/champagne.  It has a long stem and a taller narrower shaped bowl.  This design was created to help preserve the carbonation in the drink and “show off”  it’s beautiful bubbles.

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